The Shining Stars Banquet is a signature event which provides an opportunity for both the Aransas County ISD, the Education Foundation, and members of the community to recognize exceptional students and educators.

Shining Stars Over Aransas Banquet
Sunday, April 17, 2016
Starts at 6:00 pm, RFHS Commons

Burke, Taylor Camacho, Itzel
Clark, Mikaela Cruser, Elizabeth
Davenport, Kyrie Garcia, Rayanne
Harrell, Ashley Hartman, Claire
Lanningham, Meredith Leal, Cole
Manahan, Joseph Manlove, Kacey
McCormick, Zachary Mendoza, Katherine
Michael, Dona Nguyen, Brittany
Nichols, Chance Noles, Kolby
Piwetz, Zakary Polasek, Kaylee
Riley, Joshua Robbins, Grant
Samora, Isaiah Sheridan, Haley
Solis, Hannah Sparks, Nicolas
Spears, Emily Sprinkle, Taylor
Temple, Kim Vaughn, Madelyn
Vazquez-Sandoval, Graciela Wallace, Ila
Whitstine, Remington Wilson, John
Wooldridge, Jordan Zapata, Jose David (JD)

Shining Stars 2016

It's all about the kids

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Shining Stars Over Aransas Banquet
Sunday, April 17, 2016
Starts at 6:00 pm, RFHS Commons

2016 Golf Tournament, June 10, 2016

Formed in 2001, The Aransas County ISD Education Foundation is dedicated to advancing and celebrating the educational excellence of the students and teachers across our school district. To date, The Education Foundation has distributed 1.2 million dollars combined in teaching and campus grants, special programs grants, scholarships for graduating seniors of Rockport Fulton High School and programs that celebrate and recognize their accomplishments.

As each year passes, we continue to experience reductions in educational funding, limiting the availability of accelerated learning tools and classroom activities. Funding through The Education Foundation is helping to bridge that gap and is having a positive impact on our schools. This is possible because of the generosity of many private citizens and various foundations in the Coastal Bend community. Please join our mission and Donate to the Foundation.


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